So gewiß ist der allein glücklich und groß, der weder zu herrschen noch zu gehorchen braucht, um etwas zu sein!

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Rasmus Sylvester Olsen (1986)

Estimated remaining lifespan

Likes books, trees and beer.

Has the best girlfriend in the whole wide world. Her eyes are like the sky, her hair like rolling fields of wheat in late summer, her skin like milk.

Listens to various kinds of music.

Worked at Pepco AS as an IT technician. Currently works at a different company which is the same company in the same position with different tasks which resemble the old ones. It pays the bills.

Has worked variously places, gone to some schools and learnt some stuff.

Moved to Oslo in 2010 and has lived there since. At first lived by Trondheimsveien at the outskirts of Grünerløkka, later had an expedition for two years to the woods above Holmenkollen before moving back to the (dark) heart of civilization, Grønland. The balcony has an excellent view of the ongoing 'War on Drugs', gentrification and Eurabia.

Spent childhood and puberty in Mandal, Norway.

Aged three, moved to Saltnes on the Faroe Islands and lived there for three years.

Born Thursday the eleventh of December 1986 in Stavanger, Norway to Torgrim and Bitten.